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Brief moments of clarity

Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash I don’t watch a lot of TV. I never really did, but on top of that, these days I generally just don’t understand it. My German is still not yet  up to scratch ! That said, I will sometimes put it on, hopeful that I’ll finally be able to follow a plot line. Although that hasn’t happened yet.  Now that the weather has changed and the evenings are  chilly ,  my thoughts turn to  the evening movie and curling up on the couch, maybe even with a bowl of popcorn. Then I remember that my evening’s viewing will, at best, amount to admiring the pretty moving pictures since most of the German dialogue will be entirely  lost on me .  (Even so, this didn’t stop me 2 weeks ago from enjoying two bowls of popcorn and a movie I’d seen before!) Usually, I stare hard at the screen with the volume higher than is comfortable  willing myself to  understand what is being said. Most frustrating of all is seeing an advertisem