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Ring, ring ...

Think of the scariest thing you have to do in another language. Something that makes your palms sweat and forces you to pace the floor as your mind races in preparation for the task you are about to undertake . You will think of any excuse to avoid this task: tell yourself it’s not important, you don’t have to do it, pretend it’s too early / too late / not a good time, wash already clean floors and do the dishes, even the ironing! Well, maybe not the ironing. For me this task is making phone calls. Typing the words sends shivers down my spine . I hate making phone calls in a language I’m not yet comfortable with. I would rather walk 10 km in the rain to an office and speak to someone in person than call them from the comfort of my own home. Some might call it an irrational fear , oh but it is rational. When talking on the phone it’s just your voice and your language skills laid bare . There are no papers or pictures to help you make a point, no facial or hand gestur