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When translation doesn't work (slipping up...again)

In part II of common mistakes, I'm taking a look at what can sometimes happen when Spanish is translated to English. As I mentioned in  part I of slipping up  mistakes are, of course, part of the learning journey and often result in great stories you can tell later (unlike at the time of making them when they are usually very, very embarrassing!). This list is not intended to discourage, but encourage. You can't learn a language overnight, but you can tweak it a little all the time and although you might not notice the improvement, believe me, it's there.  Below are some common mistakes that some Spanish speakers make.* *This is a generalisation. You might be a Spanish speaker and not make these mistakes, or a non-Spanish speaker who makes these mistakes! 1. Yes or yes Perhaps you're in a meeting with colleagues and it's time to take decisive action. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done whether you like it or not . It needs to be done 'yes or yes&#