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It's funny ...... because I get it

A language teacher shares a  mildly amusing  comment with the class and the room  erupts in a fit of laughter . ‘Wow,’ she thinks, ‘I had no idea how funny I was. I should pursue a career  on the stage .’ Later, head swollen with pride and confidence in her comedic abilities, she makes another joke around friends, but  it falls flat . Somehow, this teacher is not quite as funny with friends as she is in class. It seems the more you struggle to understand a language, the funnier you perceive a joke in it to be. It doesn’t have to be a very witty joke, your  garden-variety  amusing comment will do. You may find yourself laughing harder than usual at jokes in the language you’re learning. When this happens, you might be thinking that you wouldn’t have laughed if the joke had been in your own language. Basically, you’re laughing simply because you understood it! Even as an Absolute Beginner of German  on the brink of  becoming a Beginner (hey, each progression count