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Slipping up

Part 1: German to English Learning a language is tough and mistakes are inevitable . And acceptable! Plus, when people make mistakes in the language they're learning it can teach you a lot about how to use their native language. That said, here are 4 common mistakes I’ve heard around me since I've been living in Germany. If you’ve been using any of them, never fear ! I’ll tell you how to fix them.  Hello together! If you’ve been using this phrase to greet your English-speaking colleagues first thing in the morning or before a meeting, I’m sorry to say you’ve been making a mistake. German and English are similar in so many ways and, sometimes, directly translating from one to the other will yield good results. But this is not one of those times! ' Hello everyone'   is what you’re looking for in this situation. The same like… Although ‘ like’   can be similar in meaning to ‘ the same’ , we don’t combine them. So if, “ I went to the same school like